Søren Kragh Moestrup

Reviewed Pathways (2/2)
Date Identifier Pathway Reference
2013-02-18 R-HSA-2168880 Scavenging of heme from plasma BibTex
2013-02-18 R-HSA-2173782 Binding and Uptake of Ligands by Scavenger Receptors BibTex
Reviewed Reactions (12/12)
Date Identifier Reaction Reference
2013-02-18 R-HSA-2168887 Ferriheme is transferred from Albumin to Hemopexin BibTex
2013-02-18 R-HSA-2168885 Haptoglobin binds Hemoglobin BibTex
2013-02-18 R-HSA-2168883 Haptoglobin:Hemoglobin binds CD163 BibTex
2013-02-18 R-HSA-2168889 Haptoglobin-related Protein binds Hemoglobin BibTex
2013-02-18 R-HSA-2168884 Ferriheme is transferred from Methemoglobin to Hemopexin BibTex
2013-02-18 R-HSA-2168886 Hemopexin binds Hemes BibTex
2013-02-18 R-HSA-2168897 LRP1 (CD91) binds Hemopexin:heme BibTex
2013-02-18 R-HSA-2230983 LRP1:Hemopexin:heme is endocytosed BibTex
2013-02-18 R-HSA-2203516 Alpha-1-Microglobulin is cleaved BibTex
2013-02-18 R-HSA-2168881 Truncated Alpha-1-Microglobulin binds heme BibTex
2013-02-18 R-HSA-2168888 Alpha1-Microglobulin binds heme BibTex
2013-02-18 R-HSA-2230938 Hemoglobin:Haptoglobin:CD163 is endocytosed BibTex
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