Lei Jin

Albany Medical College, Center for Immunology and Microbial Disease
Reviewed Pathways (8/8)
Date Identifier Pathway Reference
2013-02-11 R-HSA-3134975 Regulation of innate immune responses to cytosolic DNA BibTex
2013-02-11 R-HSA-3248023 Regulation by TREX1 BibTex
2013-02-11 R-HSA-3270619 IRF3-mediated induction of type I IFN BibTex
2013-02-11 R-HSA-3249367 STAT6-mediated induction of chemokines BibTex
2012-07-18 R-HSA-1834941 STING mediated induction of host immune responses BibTex
2013-02-11 R-HSA-3134973 LRR FLII-interacting protein 1 (LRRFIP1) activates type I IFN production BibTex
2013-02-11 R-HSA-3134963 DEx/H-box helicases activate type I IFN and inflammatory cytokines production BibTex
2011-12-08 R-HSA-1834949 Cytosolic sensors of pathogen-associated DNA BibTex
Reviewed Reactions (15/43)
Date Identifier Reaction Reference
2013-02-11 R-HSA-3134800 STING dimerization BibTex
2011-12-08 R-HSA-168166 NFkB complex is transported from cytosol to nucleus BibTex
2013-02-11 R-HSA-1964482 RNA polymerase III transcribes microbial dsDNA to dsRNA BibTex
2011-12-08 R-HSA-9604480 NFkB complex translocates from the cytosol to the nucleus BibTex
2013-02-11 R-HSA-1964496 STING binds TRIM32 or TRIM56 BibTex
2013-02-11 R-HSA-3249392 NLRP4 and DTX4 associate with p-S172-TBK1 within STING:TBK1:IRF3 BibTex
2013-02-11 R-HSA-3134804 STING ubiquitination by TRIM32 or TRIM56 BibTex
2013-02-11 R-HSA-8948709 DTX4 ubiquitinates p-S172-TBK1 within NLRP4:DTX4:STING:TBK1:IRF3 BibTex
2013-02-11 R-HSA-3245943 Viral DNA cleavage by TREX1 BibTex
2013-02-11 R-HSA-3244605 TREX1 binds retroviral-derived DNA BibTex
2013-02-11 R-HSA-8948703 NLRP4 and DTX4 associate with p-S172-TBK1 within dsDNA:ZBP1:TBK1 BibTex
2013-02-11 R-HSA-3249386 DTX4 ubiquitinates p-S172-TBK1 within NLRP4:DTX4:dsDNA:ZBP1:TBK1 BibTex
2013-02-11 R-HSA-3134946 DDX41 ubiquitination by TRIM21 BibTex
2012-07-18 R-HSA-2396009 STING binds c-di-GMP BibTex
2013-02-11 R-HSA-3244643 STING binds cyclic GMP-AMP BibTex
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