Andeas Merdes

CNRS-Pierre Fabre
Reviewed Pathways (5/5)
Date Identifier Pathway Reference
2008-11-17 R-HSA-380270 Recruitment of mitotic centrosome proteins and complexes BibTex
2008-11-17 R-HSA-380259 Loss of Nlp from mitotic centrosomes BibTex
2008-11-17 R-HSA-380284 Loss of proteins required for interphase microtubule organization from the centrosome BibTex
2008-11-17 R-HSA-380287 Centrosome maturation BibTex
2008-11-17 R-HSA-380320 Recruitment of NuMA to mitotic centrosomes BibTex
Reviewed Reactions (9/9)
Date Identifier Reaction Reference
2008-11-17 R-HSA-380283 Recruitment of additional gamma tubulin/ gamma TuRC to the centrosome BibTex
2008-11-17 R-HSA-380455 Recruitment of CDK11p58 to the centrosomes BibTex
2008-11-17 R-HSA-380311 Recruitment of Plk1 to centrosomes BibTex
2008-11-17 R-HSA-380272 Plk1-mediated phosphorylation of Nlp BibTex
2008-11-17 R-HSA-380303 Dissociation of Phospho-Nlp from the centrosome BibTex
2008-11-17 R-HSA-380294 Loss of C-Nap-1 from centrosomes BibTex
2008-11-17 R-HSA-380278 CCNB1:p-T160-CDK1 phosphorylates NUMA1 BibTex
2008-11-17 R-HSA-380508 Translocation of NuMA to the centrosomes BibTex
2008-11-17 R-HSA-380316 Association of NuMA with microtubules BibTex
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