Katherine A Fitzgerald

University of Massachusetts Medical School
Reviewed Pathways (11/11)
Date Identifier Pathway Reference
2012-11-13 R-HSA-445989 TAK1-dependent IKK and NF-kappa-B activation BibTex
2012-11-13 R-HSA-166166 MyD88-independent TLR4 cascade BibTex
2012-11-13 R-HSA-937061 TRIF (TICAM1)-mediated TLR4 signaling BibTex
2012-11-13 R-HSA-2562578 TRIF-mediated programmed cell death BibTex
2012-11-13 R-HSA-936964 Activation of IRF3, IRF7 mediated by TBK1, IKK? (IKBKE) BibTex
2012-11-13 R-HSA-937072 TRAF6-mediated induction of TAK1 complex within TLR4 complex BibTex
2012-11-13 R-HSA-937041 IKK complex recruitment mediated by RIP1 BibTex
2012-11-13 R-HSA-9013973 TICAM1-dependent activation of IRF3/IRF7 BibTex
2012-11-13 R-HSA-9013957 TLR3-mediated TICAM1-dependent programmed cell death BibTex
2012-11-13 R-HSA-9014325 TICAM1,TRAF6-dependent induction of TAK1 complex BibTex
2012-11-13 R-HSA-168927 TICAM1, RIP1-mediated IKK complex recruitment BibTex
Reviewed Reactions (15/39)
Date Identifier Reaction Reference
2012-11-13 R-HSA-168184 Activated TAK1 mediates phosphorylation of the IKK Complex BibTex
2012-11-13 R-HSA-936986 Activated TRAF6 synthesizes unanchored polyubiquitin chains BibTex
2012-11-13 R-HSA-847070 Phosphorylated TAK1 dissociates from the TLR3 receptor complex BibTex
2012-11-13 R-HSA-177692 Activation of recruited TAK1 within the activated TLR3 complex BibTex
2012-11-13 R-HSA-177690 Activated TLR3:TRIF:K63pUb-TRAF6 recruits TAK1complex BibTex
2012-11-13 R-HSA-450259 Auto ubiqitination of TRAF6 bound to viral dsRNS:TLR3:TICAM1 complex BibTex
2012-11-13 R-HSA-177694 Viral dsRNA:TLR3:TICAM1 complex recruits TRAF6 BibTex
2012-11-13 R-HSA-168929 Viral dsRNA:TLR3 recruits TRIF (TICAM1) BibTex
2012-11-13 R-HSA-936951 Activation of TAK1 complex bound to activated TLR4 complex BibTex
2012-11-13 R-HSA-936947 Activated TLR4:TICAM1:K63pUb-TRAF6 recruits TAK1complex BibTex
2012-11-13 R-HSA-936952 Auto ubiquitination of TRAF6 bound to the activated TLR4 complex BibTex
2012-11-13 R-HSA-936985 Activated TLR4:TICAM1 recruits TRAF6 BibTex
2012-11-13 R-HSA-166175 TRAM:TLR4:LY96:LPS:CD14 recruits TRIF (TICAM1) BibTex
2012-11-13 R-HSA-168166 NF-kappa-B complex is transported from cytosol to nucleus BibTex
2012-11-13 R-HSA-168140 Active IKK Complex phosphorylates NF-kappa-B inhibitor BibTex
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