Jason W. Upton

University of Texas at Austin
Reviewed Pathways (4/4)
Date Identifier Pathway Reference
2011-12-08 R-HSA-1810476 RIP-mediated NFkB activation via ZBP1 BibTex
2011-12-08 R-HSA-1606341 IRF3 mediated activation of type 1 IFN BibTex
2011-12-08 R-HSA-1606322 ZBP1(DAI) mediated induction of type I IFNs BibTex
2011-12-08 R-HSA-1834949 Cytosolic sensors of pathogen-associated DNA BibTex
Reviewed Reactions (12/12)
Date Identifier Reaction Reference
2011-12-08 R-HSA-168140 Phospho-IKK Complex phosphorylates NFkB inhibitor within the NFkB inhibitor:NFkB complex BibTex
2011-12-08 R-HSA-168910 RIP1 facilitates IKK complex phosphorylation BibTex
2011-12-08 R-HSA-1810457 ZBP1(DAI) recruits RIP1 and RIP3 BibTex
2011-12-08 R-HSA-1591234 ZBP1 binds cytosolic DNA BibTex
2011-12-08 R-HSA-168166 NFkB complex is transported from cytosol to nucleus BibTex
2012-07-18 R-HSA-2395992 p-T,4S-IRF3 is dimerized BibTex
2011-12-08 R-HSA-1606327 Phosphorylation and release of IRF3 BibTex
2011-12-08 R-HSA-1606345 Recruitment of IRF3 to activated ZBP1:TBK1 BibTex
2011-12-08 R-MMU-1810458 Recruitment of Irf3 to activated Dai:Tbk1 BibTex
2011-12-08 R-MMU-1810473 Recruitment Tbk1 to dsDNA:Dai followed by its activation BibTex
2011-12-08 R-HSA-1606324 Recruitment TBK1 to dsDNA:ZBP1 followed by its activation BibTex
2011-12-08 R-HSA-2032396 Dimerized phospho-IRF3 migrates to the nucleus BibTex
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