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Universite de Montreal, Departement de pathologie et biologie cellulaire, Laboratoire du Dr Michel Desjardins
Reviewed Pathways (5/5)
Date Identifier Pathway Reference
2011-05-13 R-HSA-1236977 Endosomal/Vacuolar pathway BibTex
2011-05-13 R-HSA-1236978 Cross-presentation of soluble exogenous antigens (endosomes) BibTex
2011-05-13 R-HSA-1236974 ER-Phagosome pathway BibTex
2011-05-13 R-HSA-1236973 Cross-presentation of particulate exogenous antigens (phagosomes) BibTex
2011-05-13 R-HSA-1236975 Antigen processing-Cross presentation BibTex
Reviewed Reactions (15/27)
Date Identifier Reaction Reference
2011-05-13 R-HSA-1236954 Trimming of peptides by IRAP in endocytic vesicles BibTex
2011-05-13 R-HSA-1236948 Antigen processing by cathepsin S in endosoytic vesicle BibTex
2011-05-13 R-HSA-1236940 Exogenous soluble antigen targeted to more stable early endosome BibTex
2011-05-13 R-HSA-1236955 Movement of clathrin coated vesicles into early endosome BibTex
2011-05-13 R-HSA-1236941 Internalization of receptor bound antigen into clathrin coted vesicles BibTex
2011-05-13 R-HSA-1236939 Interaction of exogenous soluble antigen with its corresponding receptor BibTex
2011-05-13 R-NUL-1236951 Interaction of soluble ovalbumin with mannose receptor BibTex
2011-05-13 R-NUL-1236960 Processing of ovalbumin by cathepsin S BibTex
2011-05-13 R-HSA-1236943 Loading of antigen peptide onto MHC class I molecule BibTex
2011-05-13 R-HSA-1236964 Translocation of peptide bound MHC class I complex to cell surface BibTex
2011-05-13 R-HSA-1236970 Proteasomal clevage of exogenous antigen BibTex
2011-05-13 R-HSA-1236968 Egress of internalized antigen into cytosol from early endosome BibTex
2011-05-13 R-HSA-1236965 Export of peptide loaded MHC class I complex to PM BibTex
2011-05-13 R-HSA-1236971 Peptide loading on MHC class I in phagosome BibTex
2011-05-13 R-HSA-1236949 Translocation of antigenic peptides back to phagosomes via TAP BibTex
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