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Tim Yen

Fox Chase Cancer Center - University of Pennsylvania
Authored Reactions (7)
Date Identifier Reaction Reference
2004-05-05 R-HSA-141409 Mad1 binds kinetochore BibTex
2004-05-05 R-HSA-141431 MAD2 associates with the Mad1 kinetochore complex BibTex
2004-05-05 R-HSA-141422 MAD2 converted to an inhibitory state via interaction with Mad1 BibTex
2004-05-05 R-HSA-141439 Release of activated MAD2 from kinetochores BibTex
2004-05-05 R-HSA-141423 Binding of the MCC complex to the APC/C complex BibTex
2004-05-05 R-HSA-141437 Formation of the MCC complex BibTex
2004-05-05 R-HSA-141429 Inactivation of APC/C via CDC20 sequestration BibTex
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