Alberto Mantovani

Reviewed Pathways (1/1)
Date Identifier Pathway Reference
2017-11-02 R-HSA-9008059 Interleukin-37 signaling BibTex
Reviewed Reactions (13/13)
Date Identifier Reaction Reference
2017-11-02 R-HSA-9012542 IL37 binds 2x(CASP1(120-197):CASP1(317-404)) BibTex
2017-11-02 R-HSA-9012689 IL37(1-?) and IL37 (?-) dissocates from IL37(1-?):IL37(?-218):CASP1(120-197):CASP1(317-404) BibTex
2017-11-02 R-HSA-9012556 IL37:2x(CASP1(120-197):CASP1(317-404)) cleaves IL37 BibTex
2017-11-02 R-HSA-9008694 IL37, IL37(?-218) translocates from cytosol to extracellular region BibTex
2017-11-02 R-HSA-9008577 IL37:IL18R1 binds SIGIRR BibTex
2017-11-02 R-HSA-9008684 TBK1 phosphorylation BibTex
2017-11-02 R-HSA-9008587 IL37, IL37(?-218) binds IL18BP BibTex
2017-11-02 R-HSA-9009072 STAT3 phosphorylation BibTex
2017-11-02 R-HSA-9008696 IL37(?-218) translocates from the cytosol to the nucleus BibTex
2017-11-02 R-HSA-9009910 IL37(?-218) binds p-S423,S425-SMAD3 BibTex
2017-11-02 R-HSA-9008928 IL37(?-218):p-S423,S425-SMAD3 translocates to the nucleus BibTex
2017-11-02 R-HSA-9008692 IL37(?-218) binds SMAD3 BibTex
2017-11-02 R-HSA-9008894 PTPNs gene transcription and translation BibTex
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