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John Christodoulou

Murdoch Children's Research Institute
Reviewed Pathways (11)
Date Identifier Pathway Reference
2018-08-07 R-HSA-9005891 Loss of function of MECP2 in Rett syndrome BibTex
2018-08-07 R-HSA-9022534 Loss of MECP2 binding ability to 5hmC-DNA BibTex
2018-08-07 R-HSA-9022535 Loss of phosphorylation of MECP2 at T308 BibTex
2018-08-07 R-HSA-9022538 Loss of MECP2 binding ability to 5mC-DNA BibTex
2018-08-07 R-HSA-9022537 Loss of MECP2 binding ability to the NCoR/SMRT complex BibTex
2018-08-07 R-HSA-8986944 Transcriptional Regulation by MECP2 BibTex
2018-08-07 R-HSA-9022707 MECP2 regulates transcription factors BibTex
2018-08-07 R-HSA-9022692 Regulation of MECP2 expression and activity BibTex
2018-08-07 R-HSA-9022702 MECP2 regulates transcription of neuronal ligands BibTex
2018-08-07 R-HSA-9022927 MECP2 regulates transcription of genes involved in GABA signaling BibTex
2018-08-07 R-HSA-9022699 MECP2 regulates neuronal receptors and channels BibTex