Jane-Jane Chen

Reviewed Pathways (1/1)
Date Identifier Pathway Reference
2019-10-22 R-HSA-9648895 Response of EIF2AK1 (HRI) to heme deficiency BibTex
Reviewed Reactions (15/43)
Date Identifier Reaction Reference
2019-10-22 R-HSA-9654792 Expression of GRB10 BibTex
2019-10-22 R-MMU-9654806 Expression of Grb10 BibTex
2019-09-15 R-HSA-9635912 Expression of TRIB3 in response to stress BibTex
2019-09-15 R-MMU-9644327 Expression of Trib3 BibTex
2019-10-22 R-HSA-9653894 Expression of CHAC1 BibTex
2019-10-22 R-HSA-9653893 ATF4, CEBPB, and ATF3 bind the CHAC1 promoter BibTex
2019-10-22 R-MMU-9653904 Expression of Chac1 BibTex
2019-10-22 R-HSA-9655071 Transcription of DDIT3 (CHOP, GADD153) in response to heme deficiency BibTex
2019-10-22 R-HSA-9655086 ATF4 binds the DDIT3 promoter BibTex
2019-10-22 R-RNO-9655084 Atf4 binds the Ddit3 promoter BibTex
2019-10-22 R-MMU-9655072 Transcription of Ddit3 BibTex
2019-10-22 R-HSA-9654774 Transcription of PPP1R15A BibTex
2019-10-22 R-HSA-9654752 ATF4 binds the PPP1R15A (GADD34) promoter BibTex
2019-10-22 R-MMU-9654760 Atf4 binds the Ppp1r15a (Gadd34) promoter BibTex
2019-10-22 R-MMU-9654771 Transcription of Ppp1r15a BibTex
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