Harini Sampath

Rutgers University
Reviewed Pathways (1/1)
Date Identifier Pathway Reference
2019-01-03 R-HSA-9616334 Defective Base Excision Repair Associated with NEIL1 BibTex
Reviewed Reactions (14/14)
Date Identifier Reaction Reference
2019-01-03 R-HSA-9629917 NEIL1 Q282TER does not translocate to the nucleus BibTex
2019-01-03 R-HSA-9629166 Defective NEIL1 variants do not cleave Tg BibTex
2019-01-03 R-HSA-9628756 NEIL1 G83D does not cleave FapyA BibTex
2019-01-03 R-HSA-9628758 NEIL1 G83D does not cleave FapyG BibTex
2019-01-03 R-HSA-9628737 NEIL1 G83D does not cleave DHU BibTex
2014-12-22 R-HSA-5649673 NEIL1 cleaves FapyA from damaged DNA BibTex
2014-12-22 R-HSA-5649671 NEIL1 recognizes and binds FapyA-dsDNA BibTex
2014-12-22 R-HSA-5649664 NEIL1 cleaves FapyG from damaged DNA BibTex
2014-12-22 R-HSA-5649657 NEIL1 recognizes and binds FapyG-dsDNA BibTex
2019-01-03 R-HSA-9629149 NEIL1 cleaves thymine glycol from damaged DNA BibTex
2019-01-03 R-HSA-9629154 NEIL1 recognizes and binds thymine glycol BibTex
2014-12-22 R-HSA-5649658 NEIL1 cleaves DHU from damaged DNA BibTex
2014-12-22 R-HSA-5649655 NEIL1 recognizes and binds DHU-dsDNA BibTex
2019-01-03 R-HSA-9629918 NEIL1 translocates to the nucleus BibTex
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