4Fe-4S cluster assembles on CFD1:NBP35 scaffold

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Saccharomyces cerevisiae
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4Fe-4S cluster assembles on CFD1:NBP35 scaffold

A [4Fe-4S] cluster is assembled on a scaffold composed of the P-loop NTPases Cfd1 (human NUBP2) and Nbp35 (human NUBP1) in a nucleotide-dependent fashion. The two proteins form a heterotetramer which transiently binds the [4Fe-4S] cluster in a bridged form between two subunits of the complex. The Fe/S cluster is bound to two highly conserved Cys residues in the C-termini of each of these proteins. Nbp35 contains an additional, stably associated [4Fe-4S] cluster at its N-terminus which is essential for function.
Mitochondria play a crucial role in cytosolic and nuclear Fe/S protein biogenesis. They export via a mitochondrial ABC transporter (yeast ATM1, human ABCB7) a still unknown, sulfur-containing compound which is essential for Fe/S cluster assembly in the cytosol.
The general cytosolic iron donor, the multi-domain monothiol glutaredoxin (yeast Grx3-Grx4, human GRX3 or PICOT) plays a crucial role in cytosolic-nuclear Fe/S protein biogenesis. The precise molecular function of the glutaredoxin is still unclear.

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