MPP hydrolyzes presequence of matrix precursors

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Saccharomyces cerevisiae
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MPP hydrolyzes presequence of matrix precursors

The alpha subunit (MAS2, Alpha-MPP) of the mitochondrial processing peptidase (MPP) binds presequences of mitochondrial precursors and the beta subunit (MAS1, Beta-MPP) cleaves the presequence (Yang et al. 1991, Geli 1993, Luciano et al. 1997, Luciano et al. 1998, Taylor et al. 2001, Dvorakova-Hola et al. 2010). After cleavage, proteins destined for the matrix are drawn into the matrix by ATP-dependent interaction with mtHSP70 (SSC1) of the PAM complex.

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