TIM8:TIM13 chaperones hydrophobic proteins

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Saccharomyces cerevisiae
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TIM8:TIM13 chaperones hydrophobic proteins
The TIM8:TIM13 complex chaperones hydrophobic membrane proteins in the intermembrane space until their insertion into the inner or outer membrane (Leuenberger et al. 1999, Davis et al. 2000, Paschen et al. 2000, Curran et al. 2002, Wiedemann et al. 2004, Davis et al. 2007, Beverly et al. 2008, Hasson et al. 2010). Substrates of the TIM8:TIM13 complex include TIM23 (Leuenberger et al. 1999, Davis et al. 2000, Paschen et al. 2000, Curran et al. 2002, Davis et al. 2007, Beverly et al. 2008, Hasson et al. 2010) and TOM40 (Wiedemann et al. 2004).
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