TIM23 PAM complex translocates proteins from the mitochondrial intermembrane space to the mitochondrial matrix

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Saccharomyces cerevisiae
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TIM23 PAM complex translocates proteins from the mitochondrial intermembrane space to the mitochondrial matrix

The TIM23 complex transports precursor proteins across the inner membrane and into the matrix (Voisine et al. 2000, Mokranjac et al. 2003, Chacinska et al. 2005,Wiedemann et al. 2007, Hutu et al. 2008, Popov-Celeketic et al. 2008, Chacinska et al. 2010). Subunits TIM50, TIM17, and TIM23 are necessary for initiating translocation (Mokranjac et al.2003, Milisav et al. 2001) while the PAM complex with mtHSP70 (SSC1) provides the motive force that drives the transport (Milisav et al. 2001, Truscott et al. 2003, Frazier et al. 2004, D'Silva et al. 2005, van der Laan et al. 2005, Yamano et al. 2008). Hsp70 (mtHsp70, Ssc1) binding to the precursor pulls the protein into the matrix in a reaction requiring ATP hydrolysis (Gambill et al. 1993, Schneider et al. 1994, Kronidou et al. 1994, Ungermann et al. 1994, Voos et al. 1996, Voisine et al. 1999, Voisine et al. 2000, Krayl et al. 2007). The reaction appears to use a Brownian ratchet mechanism (Yamano et al. 2008).
Substrates of TIM23:PAM include Hsp60 (Gallas et al. 2006) and Yfh1 (Voisine et al. 2000).

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