Nos1 [cytosol]

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Protein [EntityWithAccessionedSequence]
Rattus norvegicus
NOS1, P29476
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ZINC target
1RS6, 4CTP, 3RQM, 4D31, 3NLP, 6AUV, 4FVZ, 3N62, 1QWC, 3HSO, 1B8Q, 6PMW, 6PN0, 2HX3, 1VAG, 3UFP, 6PN4, 3Q99, 5AGN, 3N6E, 3SVP, 2G6H, 6NGM, 3NNZ, 6PN8, 3B3P, 3JX3, 5ADD, 5UNU, 6NGR, 3N6B, 3N65, 4UPP, 4CTU, 5UNY, 3JX2, 4K5D, 2G6N, 5FVQ, 6NGV, 3JTA, 3RQN, 3NLJ, 3N5Z, 5FW0, 3NM0, 3JX1, 6NGZ, 3N63, 3JT5, 1ZZQ, 5VUK, 4CX4, 3NLO, 3JX0, 5ADA, 1QAV, 4UH2, 4IMT, 5VUO, 1K2S, 4JSG, 3SVQ, 3TYO, 4V3Z, 1LZX, 1TLL, 5VUS, 5AD6, 1P6I, 5G0O, 4V3V, 4LUX, 4KCL, 3NLW, 6AUQ, 4D2Y, 4D32, 4KCH, 3TYL, 6AUU, 3UFQ, 6PMV, 3JWV, 1MMW, 1OM5, 3N5W, 3FC5, 4FW0, 4FVW, 3DQR, 6PMZ, 6PN3, 5AGM, 3B3O, 3N60, 4CAO, 3PNF, 3UFU, 6PN7, 6NGL, 4C39, 5ADC, 5UNT, 6NGQ, 3N6C, 4CTV, 6NGU, 3HSN, 5UNX, 5FVP, 4K5E, 4CTQ, 1MMV, 4UPM, 1OM4, 3NLV, 6NGY, 5FVT, 1M00, 1QAU, 5VUJ, 4CX5, 3NLZ, 3UFV, 4UGZ, 4UH3, 4IMU, 3N69, 6NHE, 5VUN, 3JT4, 4JSH, 1QW6, 3N5V, 4D7O, 3NLN, 4HOP, 5AD7, 1P6H, 5VUR, 3JT9, 5G0N, 4V3W, 2G6M, 4D3B, 3JWT, 4KCM, 4D2Z, 3JX6, 3UFR, 4KCI, 3Q9A, 6AUT, 3N6G, 3B3N, 1P6K, 6AUX, 4FVX, 1K2R, 6PMY, 6PN2, 5AGL, 4CAP, 6NGK, 6PN6, 3NLY, 3NLR, 5AGP, 3JWU, 5ADB, 3N66, 5UNS, 6NGP, 4CTW, 5UNW, 5UO0, 6NGT, 4K5F, 5FVO, 3NNY, 3TYM, 1P6J, 4UPN, 3N6A, 4CTR, 6NGX, 1ZVL, 5FVS, 4CX6, 3RQJ, 5VUI, 3N6F, 4UH4, 4IMW, 6NHD, 1F20, 5VUM, 4JSI, 3JT8, 4CAM, 4UH0, 2G6L, 5VUQ, 5AD8, 3NLM, 4JSE, 1CMI, 3JT3, 4V3X, 3N67, 4KCN, 5VUU, 5AD4, 3NLX, 1ZZU, 4CDT, 3NLQ, 3UFS, 4KCJ, 6AUS, 3N61, 3JWS, 1K2U, 3RQK, 4D30, 6AUW, 3JX5, 3JT7, 1RS7, 6PMX, 6PN1, 4FVY, 4CAQ, 5AGK, 3N5X, 6PN5, 6NGJ, 3JX4, 3HSP, 3PNG, 3UFO, 5AGO, 2HX4, 3N6D, 6PN9, 6NGN, 5UNR, 3TYN, 5ADE, 3PNE, 4CTX, 5UNV, 4K5G, 3B3M, 6NGS, 3N64, 4UPO, 4CTT, 3RQL, 2G6J, 5UNZ, 5FVR, 6NGW, 6NH0, 3NLK, 3UFW, 2G6K, 3N2R, 4CX3, 5VUL, 3N5Y, 4JSJ, 3JT6, 4UH1, 1ZZR, 4IMS, 4CAN, 5AD9, 5VUP, 4JSF, 4V3Y, 3N68, 3UFT, 4KCO, 5AD5, 1ZVI, 5VUT, 1K2T, 5G0P, 2G6I, 4EUX, 1LZZ, 4GQE, 4KCK, 6AUR
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