Notch1 binds Cntn1

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Notch1 binds Cntn1

Binding of Notch1 to Cntn1 (contactin-1) was established by several lines of evidence. Co-immunoprecipitation from rat brain membrane samples showed that endogenous Notch1 and Notch2 can co-immunoprecipitate the endogenous Cntn1 and vice versa. Endogenous Cntn1 is also co-immunoprecipitated from rat brain lysate by recombinant mouse GST-tagged Notch1. An immature oligodendrocyte cell line, derived from spontaneously transformed rat brain glial cells, that expresses Notch1 and Notch2 on its surface adheres to cell culture surfaces coated with recombinant mouse Cntn1. This adhesion is blocked by pre-incubation with Notch1, Notch2 or Cntn1 antibodies. Notch1 and Cntn1 do not colocalize in lipid rafts where Cntn1 is found, and therefore interact in trans. Activation of Notch signaling by Cntn1 is deltex-dependent, as shown by expression of a dominant-negative recombinant human DTX1 in a Cntn1-treated immature rat oligodendrocyte cell line.

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Cell 2003
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