p-Bmal1:p-Clock,Npas2 binds Nr1d1 gene

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Mus musculus
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p-Bmal1:p-Clock,Npas2 binds Nr1d1 gene

Bmal1:Clock (Arntl:Clock) and Bmal1:Npas2 (Arntl:Npas2) heterodimers bind E-box elements (consensus CACGTG) in the promoters of target genes. Two E-box elements separated by 6 bp are sufficient to confer circadian transcription on a reporter gene. The Rev-erba (Nr1d1) promoter has an E-box and is regulated by Bmal1:Clock. Regulation by Bmal1:Npas2 has also been demonstrated, leading to the conclusion that Clock and Npas2 are at least partially redundant.

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