LRRC16A binds F-actin capping protein

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Homo sapiens
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Leucine rich repeat-containing protein 16A (CARMIL homolog) binds F-actin capping protein (CP) with high affinity, significantly decreasing the affinity of CP for actin barbed ends. Actin polymerization occurs at the barbed end; proteins like CP that cap the barbed end inhibit elongation. Inhibition of CP therefore enhances the rate of barbed-end actin polymerization. In cells, GFP-LRRC16A was seen to be concentrated in lamellipodia and increased the fraction of cells with large lamellipodia. Decreasing LRRC16A levels with siRNA lowered F-actin levels, decreased lamellipodia protrusion and slowed cell migration.

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16054028 Mammalian CARMIL inhibits actin filament capping by capping protein

Yang, C, Pring, M, Wear, MA, Huang, M, Cooper, JA, Svitkina, TM, Zigmond, SH

Dev Cell 2005
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