FASTK family proteins regulate processing and stability of mitochondrial RNAs

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Fas-activated serine/threonine kinase (FASTK) and its homologs FASTKD1-5 each contain three conserved domains (FAST_1, FAST_2, and RAP) that bind RNA (Castello et al. 2012, Baltz et al. 2012). FASTKD1-5 and the short isoform of FASTK localize to mitochondria where they participate in regulating the processing and stability of RNA (Simarro et al. 2010, reviewed in Jourdain et al. 2017).
FASTK interacts with the 3' end of the MT-ND6 mRNA and protects the mRNA from degradation by the degradosome, SUPV3L1:PNPT1 (Jourdain et al. 2015). The MT-ND6 mRNA is unusual in being processed from the large L-strand precursor without flanking tRNA genes and thus without canonical processing by RNAse P and RNase Z. FASTK may, therefore, participate in an uncharacterized non-canonical mechanism of RNA processing or protect 3' ends produced by such a mechanism.
FASTKD1 acts to reduce the abundance of the MT-ND3 mRNA by an uncharacterized mechanism (Boehm et al. 2017).
FASTKD2 binds the 16S rRNA and the MT-ND6 mRNA and participates in their processing and expression (Antonicka and Shoubridge 2015, Popow et al. 2015). FASTKD2 interacts with several mitochondrial proteins including MTERFD1, TRUB2, WBSCR16, and NGRN (Antonicka et al. 2017).
FASTKD3 increases levels of five mitochondrial mRNAs (MT-ND2, MT-ND3, MT-CYB, MT-CO2, and the MT-ATP8/6 bicistronic mRNA) and increases translation of MT-CO1 mRNA through uncharacterized mechanisms (Boehm et al. 2016, Ohkubo et al. 2021).
TBRG4 (FASTKD4) binds most RNAs transcribed from the H-strand and enhances the expression levels of MT-ATP8/6, MT-CO1, MT-CO2, MT-CO3, MT-ND3, MT-CYB, and MT-ND5 mRNAs (Wolf and Mootha 2014, Boehm et al. 2017, Ohkubo et al. 2021). TBRG4 stabilizes MT-CO1, MT-ND3, and MT-CO2 mRNAs and assists the processing of MT-ND5 and MT-CYB mRNAs (Boehm et al. 2017, Ohkubo et al. 2021).
FASTKD5 binds 12S rRNA and all mRNAs except MT-ND3 and reduces levels of MT-ATP8/6, MT-CO1, MT-CO3, MT-ND5, and MT-CYB mRNAs (Antonicka and Shoubridge 2015, Ohkubo et al. 2021). .
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