SYK autophosphorylates at the activated BCR

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Autophosphorylation of SYK at the Activated B Cell Receptor
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SHP1 regulates BCR signaling by dephosphorylating CD79A/CD79B (IGA/IGB) and its downstream signaling molecules SYK and SLP65 promoting Ca2+ efflux from the cell9 (Adachi et al. 2001, Chen et al. 2004). The SYK protein tyrosine kinase autophosphorylates at tyrosines 131, 323, 348, 352, 525, and 526 (Law et al. 1994, Rowley et al. 1995, Baldock et al. 2000, Irish et al. 2006, Papp et al. 2007, Chen et al. 2008, Tsang et al. 2008). The autophosphorylation increases the kinase activity of SYK. SYK is also phosporylated on additional residues in response to BCR activation (Bohnenberger et al. 2011).
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protein tyrosine kinase activity of Antigen:p-BCR:p-SYK [plasma membrane]

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