p-6Y-SYK phosphorylates BLNK (SLP65)

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BLNK (SLP-65, BASH) forms a stable complex with GRB2, SOS1, and CIN85 in the cytosol. The complex is recruited to the plasma membrane where activated (phosphorylated) SYK phosphorylates BLNK at tyrosines 72, 84, 96, 178, and 189 (Fu et al. 1998, Chiu et al. 2002, inferred from mouse in Wienands et al. 1998, from chicken in Oellerich et al. 2009). Phosphorylated BLNK serves as a scaffold that binds effector molecules such as Phospholipase C. As inferred from mouse, BLNK interacts with phosphorylated tyrosines on CD79A (Ig-alpha) (Engels et al. 2001, Kabak et al. 2002).

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protein tyrosine kinase activity of Antigen:p-BCR:p-SYK [plasma membrane]

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