Expression of FOXA2 in definitive endoderm

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In mouse embryos, Foxa2 is expressed at the anterior end of the primitive steak in the progenitors of endoderm and axial mesoderm (Ang and Rossant 1994, Burtscher and Lickert 2009, reviewed in Bardot and Hadjantonakis 2020). NODAL signaling in the anterior primitive streak causes phosphorylation of SMAD2 and SMAD3 proteins which bind with SMAD4 at the promoter of the FOXA2 gene and activate transcription (inferred from human pluripotent stem cells in Brown et al. 2011, Teo et al. 2011, Xu et al. 2011, Jiang et al. 2015). EOMES (Teo et al. 2011, Chia et al. 2019), TBXT (T, Brachyury, inferred from mouse homologs), and GATA6 (Chia et al. 2019) also directly activate transcription of FOXA2. The lncRNA DEANR1 is transcribed from a region upstream of the FOXA2 coding region and enhances association of SMAD2,3 with the FOXA2 promoter to increase expression of FOXA2 (Jiang et al. 2015).
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