Expression of GATA6 in definitive endoderm

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In mouse embryos, Gata6 is expressed in the primitive streak and continues expression in the definitive endoderm (Morrisey et al. 1996, Freyer et al. 2015, Wen et al. 2017). In human embryonic stem cell models, GATA6 is required for formation of definitive endoderm and pancreas development (Tiyaboonchai et al.2017, Chia et al. 2019). In the definitive endoderm, NODAL signaling activates transcription of GATA6 via the phosphorylation of SMAD2 and SMAD3, which bind the GATA6 promoter (inferred from human pluripotent stem cells in McLean et al. 2007, Vallier et al. 2009, Brown et al. 2011, Yang et al. 2020). The antisense transcript GATA6-AS1 lncRNA from an upstream region of the GATA6 coding sequence enhances the interaction of SMAD2,3 with the GATA6 promoter (Yang et al. 2020). GATA6-AS1 is required for differentiation of definitive endoderm from embryonic stem cells (Yang et al. 2020)
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