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Like other classical cadherins, CDH11 associates with several catenin proteins through its intracellular domain, which is thought to play a role in the establishment and regulation of adherens junctions. These catenin proteins include CTNND1 (also known as p120 catenin or delta-catenin), CTNNB1 (beta-catenin), JUP (Junction Plakoglobin, also known as gamma-catenin), and CTNNA1 (alpha-catenin) (Straub et al. 2003; Kiener et al. 2006; Ortiz et al. 2015; Lee et al. 2018).

CDH11, through its C terminus, also forms a complex with angiomotin (AMOT) isoform p80 (AMOT-2), which is implicated in CDH11-mediated cell migration and tumor cell invasiveness (Levchenko et al. 2004; Jiang et al. 2006; Yi et al. 2011; Ortiz et al. 2015; Lee et al. 2018).

Through its extracellular region, CDH11 binds to the C terminal fragment of ANGPTL4 (Angiopoietin-like-4), commonly known as cANGPTL4, which is implicated in the regulation of wound healing. The variant isoform of CDH11 (CDH11v), an 85 kDa membrane-bound protein produced as a result of alternative splicing (Kawaguchi et al. 1999), can compete with the canonical CDH11 for cANGPTL4 binding (Teo et al. 2017).
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