AcK-NFE2L2-dependent SLC7A11 expression

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SLC7A11 encodes one component of system xc-, a heterodimeric high affinity cystine-glutamate transporter that imports cystine in exchange for glutamate; the other protein component of the heterodimer is SLC3A2 (reviewed in Lewerenz et al, 2013). System xc- contributes to redox balance of the cell by increasing intracellular stores of cysteine, a limiting component in the synthesis of the key antioxidant glutathione (GSH). Depletion of GSH, for instance by inhibition of SLC7A11, causes lipid peroxidation and stimulates ferroptosis, a regulated form of cell death (reiewed in Chen et al, 2021; Kuang et al, 2020; Kajarabille and Latunde-Dada, 2019). Expression of SLC7A11 is regulated downstream of the KEAP1:NFE2L2 pathway in response to oxidative stress. NFE2L2 and SLC7A11 are therefore both negative regulators of ferroptosis (Ye et al, 2014; Ishii et al, 2000; Sasaki et al, 2002; Chen et al, 2017; Dong et al, 2020; reviewed in Baird and Yamamoto, 2020; Kuang et al, 2020; Chen et al, 2021).
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