AcK- NFE2L2, MAFG and CREBBP, EP300 bind the G6PD

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Cytosolic glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) catalyzes the reaction of glucose 6-phosphate and NADP+ to form D-glucono-1,5-lactone 6-phosphate and NADPH + H+. This constitutes the first committed step of the pentose phosphate pathway and it is critical to the maintenance of NAPDH pool and redox homeostasis (reviewed in Hayes et al, 2020; Ge et al, 2020; Lin et al, 2016; Harris and DeNicola, 2020). G6PD expression is regulated downstream of the KEAP1-NFE2L2 pathway (Wu et al, 2011; Thimmulappa et al, 2002; reviewed in Baird and Yamamoto, 2020). Expression is mediated by the binding of the NFE2L2:MAFG heterodimer to the anti-oxidant response element in the G6PD promoter. CREBBP is likewise recruited upon stimulation with the NFE2L2-inducer diethyl malate (DEM), and DEM treatment increases the accumulation of histone modifications associated with a transcriptionally active state (Hirotsu et al, 2012; Mitsuishi et al, 2012; Tang et al, 2021; reviewed in Hayes et al, 2020).
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