NFE2L2-dependent PRDX1 gene expression

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PRDX1 encodes a thiol-specific peroxidase that contributes to cytoprotection by reducing hydrogen peroxide and other hydroperoxides to water and alcohols (reviewed in Ding et al, 2017; Ledgerwood et al, 2017). PRDX1 expression is stimulated downstream of the NFE2L2-KEAP1 pathway in response to oxidative and electrophilic stressors (Ishii et al, 2000; Kwak et al, 2003). Consistent with this, NFE2L2 binds to its cognate element in the PRDX1 promoter as assessed by electrophoretic mobility shift (EMSA) assay and chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) in response to hypoxia (Kim et al, 2007; reviewed in Baird and Yamamoto, 2020).
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