MYH9- and RNF213-ALK fusions are phosphorylated

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MYH9 and RNF213 are unusual fusion partners of ALK that have been identified in anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL) (Lamant et al, 2003; Cools et al 2002).
The MYH9 gene encodes a non muscle myosin heavy chain with roles in cell division, motility and secretion. Although MYH9 is capable of oligomerization by virtue of an N-terminal coiled-coil region, this domain is not present in the ALK fusion protein. The ALK fusion also lacks kinase activity as assessed by in vitro assays. Despite both of these facts, the fusion protein is constitutively phosphorylated in vivo. How or whether this fusion proteins functions in oncogenic transformation remains to be elucidated (Lamant et al, 2003).
Similarly, the RNF213-ALK fusion has no recognizable protein domains that might contribute to dimerization, and the endogenous function of RNF213 is not known. LIke the MYH9 fusion, the role of the RNF213-ALK fusion in promoting transformation is not yet clear (Cools et al, 2002).

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