brigatinib-resistant ALK mutants don't bind brigatinib

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Homo sapiens
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The following ALK mutants show resistance to brigatinib:

ALK L1122V: Ceccon et al, 2015
ALK I1171N: Ceccon et al, 2013
ALK 1171S: Amin et al, 2016
ALK I1171T: Katayama et al, 2021 (moderate)
ALK L1196M: Sharma et al, 2019; Ceccon et al, 2015 (moderate)
ALK L1198F: Ceccon et al, 2015
ALK G1202R: Sharma et al, 2019; Gainor et al, 2016
ALK D1203N: Gainor et al, 2016
ALK S1206C: Ceccon et al, 2015

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Loss of function of brigatinib-resistant ALK mutants [plasma membrane]

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