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Odorants, volatile chemicals, bind olfactory receptors present in the plasma membrane of cilia of olfactory sensory neurons of the main olfactory epithelium lining the nasal sinus (Wetzel et al. 1999, Keller et al. 2007, Menashe et al. 2007, Schmiedeberg et al. 2007, Cook et al. 2009, Mainland et al. 2014, Gonzalez-Kristeller et al. 2015, Mainland et al. 2015, Geithe et al. 2017, Noe et al. 2017, Sanmarti-Espinal et al. 2017, Trimmer et al. 2019). Each olfactory sensory neuron expresses one olfactory receptor gene and each olfactory receptor binds a particular set of odorants, usually members of a family of chemicals containing characteristic chemical groups such as aldehydes (Mainland et al. 2015).

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