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NPM-ALK binds to FRS2 and FRS3 as assessed by co-immunoprecipitation from HEK293 cells. FRS proteins bind through three distinct sites, two of which (Y156 and Y567) are dependent on ALK tyrosine phosphorylation, while the third site encompassing residues 631-649 is phosphorylation independent. All three sites contribute to NPM-ALK-mediated transformation (Chikamori et al, 2007; Koshiba et al, 2010). FRS adaptor proteins may contribute to transformation by activating the MAP kinase or PI3K pathways but this has not been directly demonstrated in the case of ALK or ALK fusion signaling (reviewed in Palmer et al, 2009; Gotoh, 2008, Sato and Gotoh, 2009).

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