BRCA2 translocates to the nucleus

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BRCA2 possesses two functional nuclear localization signals (NLSs) in its C-terminal region. NLS1 has been mapped to amino acid residues 3263-3269, while NLS2 has been mapped to residues 3381-3385 (Spain et al. 1999, Yano et al. 2000). A third putative NLS maps to residues 3311-3317, however it was shown to be nonfunctional (Spain et al. 1999, Yano et al. 2000). NLS1 is essential for localization of BRCA2 to the nucleus, while NLS2 is not essential.

Binding of BRCA2 to SEM1 (DSS1) is needed for the translocation of BRCA2 to the nucleus and nuclear retention. SEM1 prevents BRCA2 oligomerization, which leads to cytosolic retention (Lee et al. 2021). Binding of SEM1 to BRCA2 masks the nuclear export signal of BRCA2, resulting in nuclear retention of BRCA2 (Jeyasekharan et al. 2013).
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