DICER1 cleaves tRNA

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DICER1 cleaves: tRNA Gln CTG in the D-loop, releasing a 19 nt fragment from the 5' end of the tRNA (Cole et al. 2009); tRNA Gly GCC, releasing a 22 nt fragment, tRF-3b (tRF-3027b), from the 3' end of the tRNA (Maute et al. 2013); precursor tRNA Ile TAT, releasing a 21 nt fragment, known as sRNA-Ile or miR-1983, from the 3' end of the tRNA (Hasler et al. 2016, and inferred from mouse homologs). Most tRFs are thought to arise in a DICER1 independent manner, however, as deletion of DICER1 does not significantly alter tRF expression (Kumar et al. 2014, Kuscu and Kumar et al. 2018).

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ribonuclease III activity of DICER1 [cytosol]

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