Defective HDR through Homologous Recombination Repair (HRR) due to PALB2 loss of BRCA1 binding function

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Homo sapiens
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Mutations in the N-terminal coiled-coil domain of PALB2 (amino acids 9-44), involved in self-interaction and BRCA1 binding, impair the interaction of PALB2 with BRCA1 (Sy et al. 2009, Foo et al. 2017, Boonen et al. 2020). Phosphorylation of PALB2 by ATR on serine residue S59 promotes BRCA1-PALB2 interaction and the localization of PALB2 to DNA damage sites (Buisson et al. 2017). Mutations in the coiled-coil domain can also affect PALB2 self-interaction, recruitment to double-strand break sites, homologous recombination repair, and RAD51 foci formation (Buisson and Masson 2012). PALB2 missense mutants that do not bind to BRCA1 can still be recruited to DNA double-strand break repair (DSBR) sites, probably through interaction with other proteins involved in DSBR, but they are unable to restore efficient gene conversion in PALB2-deficient cells and they render cells hypersensitive to the DNA damaging agent mitomycin C (Sy et al. 2009). Some variants in this region are also sensitive to PARP inhibitors (Foo et al. 2017).

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