Ligand-independent dimerization of FLT3 fusion proteins

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In addition to internal tandem duplications and activating point mutations, the FLT3 locus is also subject at low frequency to translocations (reviewed in Reiter and Gotlib, 2017; Kazi and Roonstrand, 2019). These translocations generally bring together an N-terminal partner gene encoding a dimerization domain with the intracellular portion of FLT3 containing the kinase domain and result in a protein that undergoes constitutive, ligand-independent dimerization. To date, 6 fusion partner genes have been identified: ETV6 (the most frequent), GOLGB1, SPTBN1, ZMYM2, TRIP11 and MYO18A, although not all have been functionally characterized. Where examined, the fusion proteins promote downstream signaling through the PI3K/AKT, MAP kinase and STAT5 signaling pathways and support IL-3-independent transformation of murine BaF3 cells (Baldwin et al, 2007; Vu et al, 2006; Vu et al, 2009; Walz et al, 2011; Falchi et al, 2014; Chung et al, 2017; Troadec et al, 2017; Grand et al, 2007; Jawhar et al, 2017; Zhang et al, 2018; Chonabayashi et al, 2013; reviewed in Kazi and Roonstrand, 2019).
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