extracellular domain ALK mutants [plasma membrane]

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Homo sapiens
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PubMed ID Title Journal Year
22249260 Aberrant activation of ALK kinase by a novel truncated form ALK protein in neuroblastoma

Hayashi, Y, Chen, Y, Igarashi, T, Hiwatari, M, Takita, J, Ogawa, S, Okubo, J, Nishimura, R, Sanada, M, Kato, M, Oki, K

Oncogene 2012
23139213 Characterization of rearrangements involving the ALK gene reveals a novel truncated form associated with tumor aggressiveness in neuroblastoma

Louis-Brennetot, C, Schleiermacher, G, Loew, D, Pierron, G, Ferrand, S, Daveau, R, Cappo, J, Vigny, M, Jouannet, S, Delattre, O, Dingli, F, Lombard, B, Boeva, V, Cazes, A, Janoueix-Lerosey, I, Combaret, V, Mazot, P, Barillot, E

Cancer Res 2013
21847362 Identification of oncogenic point mutations and hyperphosphorylation of anaplastic lymphoma kinase in lung cancer

Lin, SC, Tu, PH, Wang, YW, Lin, KT, Jou, YS, Ko, JY

Neoplasia 2011
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cancer DOID:162 malignant tumor, malignant neoplasm, primary cancer
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