FLT3 ITD mutants bind STAT5 through GAB2:PTPN11

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Homo sapiens
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PTPN11 and FLT3 Y599 are required for the recruitment and activation of the STAT5 signaling pathway. STAT5 signaling appears to be more active in FLT3 mutant proteins, particularly FLT3 alleles bearing internal tandem duplications, than it is in wild-type signaling (Hayakawa et al, 2000; Mizuki et al, 2000; Takahashi et al, 2004; Spiekermann et al, 2003; Heiss et al, 2006; Nabinger et al, 2013; Richine et al, 2016; reviewed in Kazi and Ronnstrand, 2019).
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Gain of function of p-6Y FLT3 ITD mutant dimers:GRB2:p-Y GAB2:PTPN11 [plasma membrane]

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cancer DOID:162 malignant tumor, malignant neoplasm, primary cancer
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