FLT3 ITD mutants phosphorylate STAT5

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STAT5 is phosphorylated downstream of FLT3 ITD mutants (Hayakawa et al, 2000; Mizuki et al, 2000; Spiekermann et al, 2003, Rocnik et al, 2006). Recombinant FLT3 ITD is able to directly phosphorylate STAT5 in vitro, but phosphorylation may also be mediated by SRC family kinases in vivo (Choudhary et al, 2007; Leischner et al, 2012; Voisset et al, 2010; reviewed in Kazi and Ronnstrand, 2019 a, b). FLT3-dependent STAT5 activation contributes to the expression of a number of genes involved in proliferation and transformation (Mizuki et al 2003; Takahashi et al, 2004; Kim et al, 2005; Nabinger et al, 2013; Bertoli et al, 2015; reviewed in Kazi and Ronnstrand, 2019 a).
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protein tyrosine kinase activity of p-6Y FLT3 ITD mutant dimers:GRB2:p-Y GAB2:PTPN11:STAT5 [plasma membrane]

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Gain of function of p-6Y FLT3 ITD mutant dimers:GRB2:p-Y GAB2:PTPN11:STAT5 [plasma membrane]

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