Expression of SOX9 in testis differentiation

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Homo sapiens
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Subsequent to SRY expression in the gonadal ridge, the SOX9 gene is transcribed to yield mRNA and the mRNA is translated to yield SOX9 protein (Knower et al. 2011, Croft et al. 2018). SRY and NR5A1 (SF1) bound at the TES enhancer (Knower et al. 2011) and the eALDI enhancer (upstream of the TES enhancer, Croft et al. 2018) of the SOX9 gene initially activate transcription of SOX9 (Knower et al. 2011, Croft et al. 2018, and inferred from mouse homologs). Later, SOX9 and NR5A1 activate the TES enhancer, providing a mechanism for autoregulation (Knower et al. 2011). DMRT1, itself directly activated by SOX9, also directly activates SOX9 (inferred from mouse homologs). FGF9 acting through FGFR2 (inferred from mouse homologs) and Prostaglandin D2 (Malki et al. 2005), the product of PTGDS, activate SOX9 through less well characterized mechanisms.
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