Accessory proteins are recruited to the maturing virion

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In addition to the main structural proteins and the nucleocapsid, the mature virion may also contain low proportions of accessory proteins, including protein 3a and 7a (reviewed in McBride and Fielding, 2012). Protein 3a has been shown to interact with E, M, S and protein 7a and is estimated to be present in the virion at 2/3 the molar ratio of E protein (Ito et al, 2005; Shen et al, 2005; Tan et al, 2004). Although 3a tetramers are predicted to act as ion channels in the host plasma membrane, increasing cell permeability, the role of 3a in the mature virion is not clear (Lu et al, 2006; reviewed in McBride and Fielding, 2012). Protein 7a is type 1 transmembrane protein that interacts with M, E, S and protein 3a and may be incorporated into the mature virion. What functional role protein 7a may play in the assembled virion is unclear (Huang et al, 2006; Fielding et al, 2004; Tan et al, 2004).

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