nsp14 binds nsp12

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Homo sapiens
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Human SARS coronavirus
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Non-structural protein 14 (nsp14) of the human SARS coronavirus is a bifunctional enzyme bearing 3'-5 exoribonuclease activity involved in replication fidelity and RNA cap N7-guanine methyltransferase activity involved in 5'-RNA capping. nsp14 binds to the minimal replication and transcription complex (RTC), composed of nsp7, nsp8, and nsp12, by directly binding to nsp12 (the main RNA-dependent RNA polymerase). Binding of nsp14 does not affect the processivity of the RTC (Minskaia et al. 2006, Subissi et al. 2014).

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severe acute respiratory syndrome DOID:2945 SARS-CoV infection, SARS
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