Imatinib-resistant PDGFR mutants don't bind imatinib

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PDGFRA mutations that are resistant to imatinib include point mutations and small deletion mutations centered around residue D842 (Heinrich et al, 2003; Corless et al, 2005); the gatekeeper mutation T674I (Cools et al, 2003; Lierman et al, 2006; Simon et al, 2008; Heinrich et al, 2012; Evans et al, 2017; Smith et al, 2019); S601P (Salemi et al, 2009) and Y288C (Ip et al, 2019) (reviewed in Roskoski, 2018; Klug et al, 2018). The resistance of PDGFRA Y288C is not shown in this failed reaction.

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Loss of function of imatinib-resistant PDGFR mutants [plasma membrane]

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