Defective F8 cleavage by thrombin

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Homo sapiens
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In normal human plasma, thrombin cleaves factor VIII (FVIII) after arginine residues 391 (A1-A2 domain junction) and 759 (A2-B domain junction) to yield heavy chain fragments and at R1708 (a3-A3 junction) to yield the light chain fragment (Eaton D et al. 1986; Hill-Eubanks DC et al. 1989). Mutations affecting arginine residues located at the thrombin cleavage sites of factor VIII protein result in mild/moderate hemophilia A (HA) (Pattinson JK et al. 1990; Arai M et al. 1990; Schwaab R et al. 1991). The Reactome event describes failed thrombin-mediated activation of HA-associated FVIII variants (R391C, R391H, S392L, R1708C and R1708H) due to defects at or close to thrombin cleavage sites.

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factor VIII deficiency DOID:12134 Congenital factor VIII disorder, Subhemophilia, Hemophilia A
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