DKC1 binds SHQ1

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SHQ1 is an evolutionarily conserved protein involved in assembly of H/ACA ribonucleoparticles, including telomerase RNPs. SHQ1 binds to DKC1 (dyskerin) and, by sequestering DKC1, it regulates the step-wise functional assembly of the telomerase holoenzyme (Grozdanov, Roy et al. 2009). A subset of DKC1 (dyskerin) mutations that cause dyskeratosis congenita, a rare bone marrow failure syndrome, modulate the affinity of DKC1 for SHQ1, thus preventing the assembly of telomerase RNPs (Grozdanov, Fernandez-Fuentes et al. 2009). Rarely, mutations in SHQ1 that impair binding to DKC1 cause a dyskeratosis congenita-like disease phenotype (Bizarro and Meier 2017).

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