Phosphorylated KIT mutants bind PI3K

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PI3K-mediated signaling has been demonstrated downstream of a number of oncogenic KIT mutants, including extracellular, juxtamembrane and kinase domain mutants (Kemmer et al, 2004; Nakai et al, 2005; Hara et al, 2017; Obata et al, 2017; Duensing et al, 2004; Tarn et al, 2006; Rossi et al, 2006; Bauer et al, 2007; Bosbach et al, 2017; Zhu et al, 2007). In this pathway, KIT mutants are shown directly recruiting PI3K; pathway activation may also involve indirect recruitment through GRB2:GAB2, as in the wild-type pathway (reviewed in Lennnartsson and Roonstrand, 2012; Corless et al, 2011).

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Gain of function of p7Y-KIT kinase, extracellular and juxtamembrane domain dimers [plasma membrane]

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