Histone H3.3 deposition at telomere

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Homo sapiens
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ATRX (Alpha-thalassemia mental retardation syndrome X-linked) and its binding partner DAXX (Death domain-associated protein 6) are required for deposition of histone H3.3, encoded by either the H3F3A gene or the H3F3B gene, to telomeres, independently of the H3.3 chaperone HIRA, in both human and mouse embryonic stem cells. Highly evolutionarily conserved N-terminus of DAXX interacts directly with the H3.3 core (Goldberg et al. 2010, Lewis et al. 2010).
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20651253 Daxx is an H3.3-specific histone chaperone and cooperates with ATRX in replication-independent chromatin assembly at telomeres

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Cell 2010
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