Drug resistance of KIT mutants

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Activating mutations in the juxtamembrane domain of KIT are common in some cancers, including gastrointestinal stromal tumors, melanoma and acute myeloid leukemia (reviewed in Roskoski, 2018). These mutations are sensitive to inhibition with imatinib, which in 2001 was the first tyrosine kinase inhibitor approved for treatment of cancer (Demetri et al, 2002; Corless et al, 2011; reviewed in Zitvogel, 2016). Although highly successful in prolonging survival, imatinib-resistance develops in most patients due to appearance of secondary mutations, often in the ATP-binding pocket or in the activation loop of the kinase domain (Gajiwala et al, 2008; Serrano et al, 2019; reviewed in Roskoski, 2018; Napolitano and Vincenzi, 2019)
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