midostaurin sensitive KIT mutants [plasma membrane]

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Homo sapiens
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16189265 PKC412 inhibits in vitro growth of neoplastic human mast cells expressing the D816V-mutated variant of KIT: comparison with AMN107, imatinib, and cladribine (2CdA) and evaluation of cooperative drug effects

Fabbro, D, Valent, P, Sonneck, K, Gleixner, KV, Böhm, A, Samorapoompichit, P, Aichberger, KJ, Gruze, A, Sillaber, C, Mayerhofer, M, Pickl, WF, Manley, PW, Derdak, S

Blood 2006
15972446 Activity of the tyrosine kinase inhibitor PKC412 in a patient with mast cell leukemia with the D816V KIT mutation

Kajiguchi, T, Durocher, JA, Gilliland, DG, Chen, CC, Heinrich, MC, Ruan, J, Lichy, JH, Coutré, SE, Galli, SJ, Wang, Y, Lilleberg, SL, George, TI, Williams, C, Arber, DA, Growney, JD, Neckers, L, Berubé, C, Gotlib, J, Cohen, PS

Blood 2005
15790786 Activation mutations of human c-KIT resistant to imatinib mesylate are sensitive to the tyrosine kinase inhibitor PKC412

Griffin, JD, Gilliland, DG, Adelsperger, J, Fabbro, D, Clark, JJ, Stone, R, Growney, JD

Blood 2005
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cancer DOID:162 malignant tumor, malignant neoplasm, primary cancer
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