Resistant ERBB2 KD mutants do not bind trastuzumab

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The following ERBB2 KD mutants are resistant to the therapeutic antibody trastuzumab (herceptin):

ERBB2 L755P (Nagano et al. 2018);
ERBB2 L755S (Nagano et al. 2018);
ERBB2 I767M (Bose et al. 2013);
ERBB2 D769Y (Nagano et al. 2018);
ERBB2 V777L (Nagano et al. 2018);
ERBB2 P780_Y781insGSP (Bose et al. 2013, Nagano et al. 2018);
ERBB2 T798M (Rexer et al. 2013);
ERBB2 V842I (Nagano et al. 2018);
ERBB2 T862A (Nagano et al. 2018);
ERBB2 L869R (Hanker et al. 2017);

For ERBB2 R896C, both resistance (Bose et al. 2013) and sensitivity (Nagano et al. 2018) to trastuzumab have been reported.

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